Venom Sports Girls Basketball

Rosters & Pictures
Visiting Coach Jenkins worked with Venom girls at the May 2009 Skills Camp.
 Ally Greving-3rd
Kacie Earl-3rd
Emily Larsen-4th
Nicole Kastyemia 4th
Danile Eniola -4th
Janey Gingerich-4th
Emma Soukup-3rd
Ella Saunders -4th
Colby Rourke-4th
Evian 4th

VSG 5/6th
Dani Lyons 6th
Sklyer Sadler -6th
lilly Bender- 6th
Rose Nkumu 5th
Samantha Greving 5th
Armani -5th

VSG 7/8th
Kenya Earl-8th
Rachael Saunders- 7th
Jordan Nagel -8th
Justine Nagel 8th
Abby Crane 8th
Vicki eniola-8th
Vanessa Eniola -7th
Anna V 7th
Creigh rourke-7th
Carli Lestinger -7th
Maddy Howland -7th
Gabbi Hiatt -8th
Kaylee Benga -7th
Bri Cacti -8th
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